About Us

Behind the workshops


Our Vision

Facio Workshops believes in empowering people on their path to discover their talents through drama, creativity and storytelling. We believe that the journey is more important than the destination and everyone needs to have fun along the way.


What We Do

Facio Workshops is a series of innovative workshops that develop problem solving and creativity in young people through working with professional performers/directors to create something new and reflective of daily lives. Facio Workshops focuses on expanding the natural skills of each individual, and provides an opportunity for the young person to express oneself.

How We Do It

Facio Workshops works to alleviate the pressure through providing an opportunity for teachers and students alike to be creative together. Class teachers are encouraged to participate in parts of the workshop, specifically the performance aspect, so students can amalgamate any new skills gained and showcase at the end of day


Why We Do It

Facio Workshops works with a child’s inherent qualities such as curiosity and resilience, elucidating these personality traits to ensure they feel confident when dealing with life’s modern day challenges. An example of this is when a child learns to walk and talk, they keep trying with the encouragement from their parent/carer despite setbacks and mistakes


What You Get

​1. Students get to work directly with a professional performer /director fulfilling this learning outcome by having a first hand experience of the arts.”

2. We tap into a young person’s life experience to create a performance that is pertinent to them

3. When a student creates their own work through the use of creativity and drama, they are taught core skills.

Facio Five Pillars

  1. Responsible– Taking responsibility for their decisions and actions is part of growing
  2. Mindful – How to operate in a mindful way
  3. Outcome – Considering their response to situations. Events + Response = outcome
  4. Release – Stress relief through the use of drama games and creativity
  5. Creative – Empowering themselves through devising and performance

Get In Touch

Telephone: 07931 965603

Email: info@facioworkshops.com

Business Hours: M-F: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm