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Facio Workshops uses drama as a tool to provide a safe space to support and empower young people or adults on the issues they may face manoeuvring through relationships with peers, self and strangers online.  Facio Workshops have designed drama workshops that align to Personal, Social and Health Economic Education (PSHE) allowing pupils to develop the knowledge and skills they need to keep safe and prepare for modern life. Traditional Teaching in Education (TIE) hire actors to perform scenarios and discuss with students afterwards, whereas Facio Workshops encourage young people to be involved from the start, creating/devising and helping them initiate conversations with their peers to become self reliant throughout the drama workshop.  We also provide empowerment based workshops for adults within corporate settings. 

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Our workshops outcome

The London School of Economics and Political Science conducted a study in 2013 which confirmed that imagination fosters cognitive and social development that helps a person have critical thinking.  Facio Workshops guarantees that each participant will create something that is congruent to them. Creativity has been linked to a number of benefits which include the following:

  • Express themselves with peers, encouraging relationships to be formed
  • Generate feelings of accomplishment and pride through creativity
  • Promote problem solving skills through creative thinking that is required across all subjects and their personal lives
  • Increase their ability to focus through the use of creativity and meditation
  • Enhance communication skills of all participants through self expression

Artsmark journey

Facio Workshops is an Artsmark Partner because we believe in empowering young people through arts and culture.

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Inspired me

I had the privilege of working with patients and their siblings at Great Ormond Street hospital and experienced first-hand how effective drama/creativity is in transforming mindset when faced with any challenges. I personally re-trained as a  professional actor as an adult, after losing my hair through alopecia as a young woman, acting gave me the confidence to help others.

– Selina



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Telephone: 07931 965603

Email: info@facioworkshops.com

Business Hours: M-F: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm